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Navigation and GPS

GPS TIP - Use GPS without a GPS unit !

If you go to Google Maps http://maps.google.com and then copy and paste GPS coordinates (just as they are here) into the search bar there, and either press Enter or click or tap on the Search Maps button, Google Maps will show you the location! If you then click or tap on the Satellite button you can see the aerial photography of the area and zoom in and out as desired.

If you are a Google Earth user you can copy and paste GPS coordinates, exactly as they are here, directly into the Fly To box in Google Earth and press Enter, Google Earth will then take you to the exact spot, albeit more dramatically than Google Maps! You can freely download and install Google Earth at: http://earth.google.com

To find GPS coordinates for a site online, without a GPS unit, you can use iTouchMap.com to find the exact Latitude and Longitude of a Point at: http://itouchmap.com/latlong.html For example, click or tap on the iTouchMap link above, zoom in on the map to your desired location, change the map to Hybrid, so that you can see the aerial photography to find your landmark, say a parking lot, then click or tap on your landmark. A blue marker will appear, click or tap on the blue marker, latitude/longitude coordinates such as 31.155361,-81.366052 (Gould's Inlet parking, St. Simons Island) will appear, highlight and copy those coordinates.

Now open a coordinate converter site such as Boulter.com: http://boulter.com/gps/ Paste the coordinates that you highlighted and copied from iTouchMap into the Enter Coordinates box (right-click or tap in the box and click or tap on Paste), click or tap on the Convert and Map button. The GPS coordinates of the location will be displayed on the page in the GPS section along with a zoomable map of the site!

There are other sites available that perform these same functions, but these two are great!

Navigation and GPS Links

GPS navigators

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A Big Work in Progress! (Resize in the viewer as needed until visible, or download, then use your own Excel or maybe a Free Microsoft Excel Compatible Speadsheet Application available at the bottom of the NGR Home Page.)