Monday, September 12, 2011

Tropical Kingbird - Picnic Pond, St. Marks NWR, FL - 9/11/11 - POSSIBLE-PROBABLE

Hi All,

On 9/11 a possible Tropical Kingbird was reported from near the Picnic Pond at St. Marks NWR in the Florida panhandle.

The post from NFLBirds:

Good Near Georgia Birding!



  1. Hello,
    I live in Savannah, GA and I am fairly certain we have a Tropical Kingbird visiting our backyard. It does not look like any of the other Kingbirds, Itis shaped like a thin pidgeon with greybody and head, a light grey chest fading to a yellow belly. It has a dark grey beak and an unusual "floppy" flight.

    1. Hi Anonymous, That is very exciting, there are several very rare, for Georgia, kingbirds in that group which it could be. Can you please email me directly at to discuss further? Or, please call the Georgia Ornithological Society's Rare Bird Alert at (770) 493-8862 to report the bird. I am sure that one or some of the state's experts would be very glad to come and verify the identification of the bird with you. Also, please try to take some photos as possible of the kingbird at the very earliest ooportunity if it returns! I would love to discuss your find with you please feel free to directly email me as soon as possible! Thanks, Mark


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