Sunday, August 28, 2011

RUFF and Wilson's Phalaropes - Rankin Bottoms (upper Douglas Lake), Cocke County, TN - 8/27-28/11 - UPDATED

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An adult female RUFF, a Reeve, and Wilson's Phalaropes, were seen at Rankin Bottoms on upper Douglas Lake in Cocke County in eastern Tennessee on 8/27 during an Elizabethton Bird Club field trip! The birds were relocated today.

This Tennessee Important Bird Area (IBA) Program site, east of Knoxville, is about 85 miles due north of Clayton, Georgia!

The Rankin IBA webpage from TOS:

The initial post from TN-Bird:
The 8/28 posts:,1

Good Near Georgia Birding!


The 8/29 UPDATE from TN-Bird:

The 8/30 UPDATES from TN-Bird:,1

The 8/31 UPDATES from TN-Bird:,4,5
Amazing photos:

The 9/1 UPDATE from TN-Bird:

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