Saturday, July 2, 2011


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Reports continue to come from Tom Johnson (via CarolinaBirds, and Tom's own flickr photo site) who is aboard the NOAA Ship Gordon Gunter doing seabird survey work while the ship has been doing scientific work and running a survey route up the southeastern seaboard this past week and now this week as well.

11 HERALD PETRELS (7/2) including a light morph, a FEA'S PETREL (7/2), 9 WHITE-TAILED TROPICBIRDS (seen over 7/1-2), and a RED-BILLED TROPICBIRD (7/1) were all seen in pelagic waters off of North Carolina yesterday and today!

Tom's flickr site:

The NOAA Ship Tracker website shows the track of the ship's current voyage (the ship is still at sea as of this writing, and is now headed east out into the Atlantic it seems) at:

The post from CarolinaBirds:

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Good Near Georgia Birding!


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