Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FEA'S PETREL and EUROPEAN STORM-PETREL - Pelagic Trip, Outer Banks, NC - 5/31/11

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Captain Brian Patteson runs what many would say is the most fantastic pelagic birding operation in the southeastern United States, and many would say even in eastern North America! Out of the North Carolina Outer Banks his trips this spring have produced more recent pelagic species sightings than is practical to report here, and why duplicate the reports when Brian's great website details everything so well! From May 20th through June 6th 2011 Brian is running 18 consecutive Daily pelagic trips and the results have been great so far.

Click on Brian's Spring Blitz Daily Updates on his www.seabirding.com site for results of the current daily spring trips. His site offers a wealth of information to explore concerning years of pelagic birding off of North Carolina:

On the 5/31 trip both a FEA'S PETREL and EUROPEAN STORM-PETREL were seen! Many White-tailed Tropicbirds have been seen on the recent trips as well, and many other great pelagic species too!

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