Tuesday, March 29, 2011

White-winged Dove - Madison, MS - 3/26/11

Hi All,

A White-winged Dove was reported from Madison, Mississippi on 3/26. A good bird so far inland!

The MissBird post from Birdingonthe.Net:

MissBird (The birding listserv for Mississippi) does not have an easily accessible permanent archive that can be accessed with a web browser. There is a way to download permanent post archives from MissBird but you cannot view them until after you download them. The Mississippi Ornithological Society has information on their website (see the link on The Sidebar) on how to join MissBird. You can email the administrator of MissBird to find out how to download the MissBird post archives.

Birdingonthe.Net (BotN) instantly posts the MissBird posts, and The NGR references BotN for MissBird posts. However, the MissBird posts on BotN roll off of BotN after a while and cannot be retrieved or referenced further.

Unless you subscribe to MissBird and keep the emails, or keep the BotN posts somehow, any information from the BotN MissBird posts needed for contacting or emailing MissBird posters concerning their sightings, etc., should be collected quickly or else it will be lost as soon as the BotN MissBird posts roll off of BotN. Usually BotN holds about the last two weeks of MissBird posts.

Good Near Georgia Birding!


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