Tuesday, September 14, 2010

RUFF and Wilson's Phalaropes - Shiloh Marsh Road, Merritt Island NWR, FL - 9/14/10

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A RUFF was seen and photographed today from Shiloh Marsh Road at Merritt Island NWR on Florida's east coast, 6 Wilson's Phalaropes were also seen at the site. The spot is about 130 miles from the nearest Georgia border! According to the aerial photography there are a couple of double-culverts on Shiloh Marsh Road in the area.

From the directions and some research I believe that the spot is close to these GPS coordinates:

N 28 48.018
W 80 50.771

By the way, it may be hard to tell but the southeastern U.S. Vagrant RUFF is a favorite of mine, please join GEORGIA RUFF WATCH (Rallying and encouraging deprived Georgia birders since 2008) located on The Sidebar of The Near Georgia Report!

The post from Birdbrains:

The post from the Florida RBA:

The directions in the posts are not exact and Shilo(h) Marsh Road is hard or impossible to find on internet mapping sites, but the road does show up on the Merritt Island NWR map, and the bird was probably seen near to where the arrow on the NWR map is pointing out Shilo Marsh Rd., see the NWR map here:

Good Near Georgia Birding!


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