Monday, January 11, 2010

The NGR - Going Casual - 1/11/10

Hi All,

As of 1/11/10 The NGR is going to have to go more casual for the most part for the forseeable future.

Due to current and upcoming increased demands on my time I am no longer able to dedicate the almost daily effort needed to search through all of the posts on the 11 southeastern birding listservs and groups I have been monitoring and then properly post to The NGR.

I am still just as passionate about this project, really enjoy it, and learn so much from it. Good plans were going forward for the yearly data derived, but the effort needed to cover the project perfectly for a solid year at a time is just more than I can devote right now.

Posts will still be coming out, though mostly for casual or accidental birds in the region, but you won't be able to depend on The NGR as before as the almost daily source of comprehensive and complete as possible regional coverage of all of the publicly reported rare, casual, or accidental birds (and sometimes from a Georgia birder's perspective) being seen in the region, sans Georgia, that I was striving for.

There may be a point at which I can pick it up again at the same level, until then I will keep updating THE SIDEBAR and post as much as possible. Thanks for reading!

Good Near Georgia Birding All!


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