Monday, September 21, 2009

Yellow-billed Loon - Chickamauga Dam, Chattanooga TN - 9/20/09 - UPDATED

Hi All,

A would be Giga-rarity for the southeast, a Yellow-billed Loon has been reported from Chickamauga Dam as being seen on the 20th. No loon has been reported on the Tennessee listserv as seen or relocated at the site since the initial sighting and the weather and conditions have not been conducive to a search as well.

The post from TN-Bird:


TN-Bird on Birdingonthe.Net:

You can be sure that I will be updating this post as quickly as possible if the bird is relocated and proves to be a Yellow-billed Loon.

Good Near Georgia Birding!


UPDATE - 9/22: There have been no new posts on this loon sighting as of yet, but I have heard today through the grapevine that two Common Loons and a seeming "larger loon" have been seen, since the original sighting, way out on the lake!

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