Monday, September 28, 2009

Soddy Mountain Hawk Watch, Best Broad-winged Hawk Flight Ever - Soddy Daisy TN - 9/27/09

Hi All,

Jimmy & Cynthia Wilkerson and Bill Haley and team had their best Broad-winged Hawk flight ever (3992) at the Soddy Mountain Hawk Watch near Soddy Daisy TN on Sunday. Almost best of all was that I was able to attend later in the afternoon as well, and even help out a little, on my first real hawk watch ever! The site is an IBA in Tennessee, from the IBA writeup on the site:

"This is the premiere established hawk watching location in Tennessee. The site is the only hawk lookout in Tennessee that has ever been monitored for the entire migratory seasons of both spring and fall. Prior to the establishment of this lookout, many Tennessee lookouts were monitored only mostly in September. Soddy Mountain has been monitored 1993-2005 for fall hawk migration from September to early December. Spring hawk migration monitoring has been less frequent and in the period February through April."

The Soddy Mountain Hawk Lookout IBA webpage from the TOS site:

The post from TN-Bird:


Thanks to Bill, Jimmy, Cynthia, and team for a most memorable experience!

Good Near Georgia Birding!


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