Friday, September 4, 2009

Neotropic Cormorant and White-faced Ibis - St. Catherine Creek NWR, Natchez MS - 9/2/09

Hi All,

A second great Neotropic Cormorant and White-faced Ibis report for this season has come in from the St. Catherine Creek NWR (Sibley Unit) just south of Natchez MS, on the Mississippi River (and on the far western frontier of the NGR region).

These sightings were made during a second seasonal shorebird survey and current access to the site may be unavailable or limited.

The MissBird post from Birdingonthe.Net:

As far as I am aware MissBird does not currently have an easily accessible web archive and the current post will eventually roll off of Birdingonthe.Net.

Information on how to join MissBird can be seen on the Mississippi Ornithological Society site at:

Good Near Georgia Birding!


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