Sunday, August 9, 2009

Olive-sided Flycatcher - Blue Ridge Parkway/Crabtree Meadows Area NC - 8/8/09

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An Olive-sided Flycatcher was reported Saturday from the Blue Ridge Parkway, north of the Crabtree Meadows area! The Olive-sided is a very rare transient in Georgia!

This sighting could represent a migrant but is a reminder that the Olive-sided Flycatcher is a rare and declining breeder in very small and isolated areas of the Appalachian Mountains of east-central West Virginia, east-central Tennessee, and west-central North Carolina!

The area of the sighting may be the closest breeding area of the very small and localized southern appalachian population to Georgia, as most Olive-sideds breed far to the north (Canadian border region), far to the west (Rocky Mountains), or near the west coast!

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