Monday, August 24, 2009

Bronzed Cowbird - South Miami FL Area - 8/23/09

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Reports of Bronzed Cowbird two weekends in a row from the South Miami area and in August! I am not sure if it has yet been verified that Bronzed Cowbirds are breeding in south Florida, but if not then this would seem to lend much credence to those who would say that Bronzed Cowbirds are breeding in the Florida southern peninsula!

The post from the Tropical Audubon Society's Miami Bird Board:

The TAS Miami Bird Board:

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  1. Bronzed Cowbirds have been seen, often in groups of 30+ immatures, in South Florida all summer for years now. While conclusive evidence of breeding has not been documented, the birds have been known to breed in S. Florida for the past few years.

    Reliable observers, including Bill Pranty, have seen adult Orioles feeding immature Bronzed Cowbirds, but no photos have been obtained. Similarly, immature birds have been seen in groups along both coasts of South Florida for years. But these immatures are capable of sustained flght, and are not conclusive evidence...

  2. Very good information, thanks Anonymous!


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