Sunday, July 12, 2009

Smooth-billed Ani/American Flamingo - STA5, Hendry County FL - 7/11/09

Hi All,

Both a Smooth-billed Ani and an American Flamingo were seen on yesterday's Hendry Glades Audubon/South Florida Water Management District trip to Storm Water Treatment Area 5 (STA-5)! While the provenance of American Flamingos seen in south Florida can always be a question, I am sure it was a thrilling sight for all! Access to STA-5 is available only by scheduled tour.

The post from the FloridaBirds-L listserv:

Hendry Glades Audubon:

Site description and specifics can also be seen on the Tropical Audubon Society's site at:

Good Near Georgia Birding!


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